Sunday, December 30, 2007

A little present for ME

I've been home sick for the past week so I spent Christmas alone save for dinner out with my dear friend Jorge. Some people love you no matter how crappy you look or how much goo runs out of your head. Those are the ones you keep around. They're the ones you call when the world goes wonky and you're rattling a little too loud.

So today I hauled my butt out to the Apple store in the Grove and treated myself to a brand spankin' new MacBook. My Toshiba's burial is just around the corner and after almost six years with her, it's time. RIP...

I will be traveling a lot in the next year and doing a lot of writing. I have books in my head and it's high time they come out on the page. My goal is to write and teach yoga (well, and continue to be a fabulous lover, damn good person and great friend). Solo girl on the road livin' la dolce vita. Why the hell not?

And no matter what anyone says size most definitely matters. And on occasion smaller is actually better. Just ask the chick on the road with her new wee white MacBook.
She'll tell you...

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Maria said...

You know, that screen background is perfect for your post. It's a burst of something new, and is exactly what's going on with you! Blow up the old and as the effect, all those colours come through to signify changes, hope, and, most definitely, excitement.

You are SO on your way! It's wonderful, and I can't wait to live through it vicariously. You GO!