Saturday, March 1, 2008

I support...

In keeping with another fellow blogger who has decided to promote his charity on his blog, I thought it important that I take this time to do the same as I have long supported several causes that mean a great deal to me and so I thought that I would share them with you.

Here's a little taste of who I am and what I believe in:


ASPCA - Because it is our responsibility to take care of the wee creatures who cannot fend for themselves. I put my money where my mouth is and donate to them every year.


Doctors Without Borders - Because these fine men and women fight the good fight all over the world and are often the first on scene to provide medical care for those in need and do an utterly brilliant job at that. I feel great pride in giving what I can to these fine and noble medical professionals. I'd love to volunteer to work with them if I could find a way to do so. Just brilliant.


American Red Cross - Because during every American disaster I can think of they have been there making the difference for many between life and death. Their help is utterly immeasurable.


U.S. Campaign for Burma - Because I support the monks and people of Burma and when the men in saffron risk their lives to defend democracy- I pay attention. They are new to me, and I have some reading to do, but so far I am impressed.

There a few others that I am planning on getting involved with and some involve the country of Guatemala, which has become a place that I hold close to my heart. Once I have committed myself, I will post about them as well.

If you find that you support these noble causes as well please donate! And if you have others that are just as meaningful to you as mine are to me then donate to them instead. We can all make a difference...

Be peace,